Spinning Prize Wheel rental

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We have 7 Prize Wheels (Chocolate Wheels) for hire.
All are customizable. Four are shown here on this site.


Blue Prize Wheel of Chance 
Black Candy Prize Wheel
Red Casino Wheel

Rent our custom made prize wheels/chocolate wheels to excite your crowd! Whether it's just for great fun, or as a fund-raiser, our bespoke spinning prize wheel is sure to be a big attraction.

All rental costs are for generally 24 hours, or there-about. Delivered for a fee, to be quoted.

Thinking of buying a cheap imported factory-made prize wheel? Read this first.
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The Prize Wheels are rented as seen above.

Custom wedge inserts can be slotted in, to reflect your plans, theme, colours etc. See our examples LINKS down the page, as inspiration. We can cut paper or card wedges for you for a small fee.

See videos 3/4 down the page.

You can have a prize list or prize display, with the wheel numbers assigned to a certain prize (or prize group.) See our chalk signs and other prize boards.


Or you can design your own prize winning scheme on the wheel. This may include sticking real money onto each number, or maybe for kids, stick a small prize into each section. We have a huge range of low cost but interesting prizes available, from 60 cents each, for adults and kids. We import many directly, so they are very good value. They are in a clear bag, and can be pegged onto a prize board or hanging bunting.

Others have sold raffle tickets every hour for a chance

to win- an hourly ticket is drawn, and the wheel is spun to find a winner.


See how the BLUE Wheel can be changed dramatically, by simply adding cut paper wedge inserts.

Blue Wheel of Chance


The prize wheels have the option to put your own paper wedges in each slot.

So you can cover the numbers if preferred on the Prize Wheels.

You can also opt to have a large single 'disc' printed as a complete overlay,

to your taste, your colours, design logo etc.

vinyl wedges ready cut.JPG

Our ready-made vinyl wedges can be included, for some generic prizes and give-aways.

See just some of them here.

The prize wheels are 86-104 cm diameter, 187-195 cm high. The wheel un-bolts from the stand, which alone is approx 155-170 cm H.

This means a wheel can fit in an empty car with the seats down.

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Note that the centre circle can be a cut-out of any colour to suit you. See where we have added a black circle.

We have numbers to stick on, in silver or gold metallic, black glitter, coloured glitter, if you prefer numbered wedges.

Black Candy Prize Wheel is slightly smaller than the Red Casino Wheel. Wheel diameter is 84cm.


This prize wheel has 12 nice big wedges. It's very easy to customise, including changing it to 24, 6 or another number of wedges, by adding cut paper 'inserts'. See example here using black paper. Or go further and cover the remaining coloured wedges with red, or maybe white, or even glitter silver, baby shower paper...whatever you may like.

 It has flashing little lights around the edge,

battery operated! Several colours available!

black candy prize wheel double wedges 3
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See how the Black Wheel can be changed dramatically, by simply adding cut paper wedge inserts.

Also see a video too, showing the battery lights.

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This prize wheel has the same numbers/odds as the wheel at Crown Casino, but we have halved the number of 'wedges'. It has little lights around the edge, battery operated! Several colour choices

See more GAMBLING INFO for Red Casino wheel and Betting Accessories here. Fabulous for some fun gambling with friends, or for fund-raising at clubs, schools, charities etc.

Try your luck!

See how the Red Prize Wheel can be changed dramatically, by simply adding cut paper wedge inserts.

Above is the same red Casino Wheel, with custom wedge inserts added, to write on or stick your prizes, offers etc.



Sun and Fun's Chocolate Wheels have inter-changeable 'wedge' options! You can insert your own wedges (cut from paper or card) behind the clear acrylic facade.

You can write on them, and/or put small pictures.

(The wedges can cover up the numbers if you want.)

You can even cut from book covers, gift wrap etc.

Using the red wheel, here we have cut black wedges to cover HALF of the wedges, and simply covered the remaining gambling numbers with glitter stars.....smaller stars are coming! Or maybe cover the yellow wedges, showing a cool red and black wheel.

See info here for ways to use the Prize Wheels at your event.

Want to display your logo? Just add a circle in the middle, as large as you want, as shown in this example.

See examples of customers' own custom artwork.

Without the acrylic cover, you can see the wheel with no camera reflections/glare.
Some words or images can be pasted onto the black (or gold) wedges, to suit your ideas. (Or whatever colour wedges you choose to have.)The yellow sections can of course have cut wedges added too, if you don't like the yellow.
Note that this is a way to reduce the number of prizes/wins (ie 13) - eg spin with only the stars being a prize win, the black for a losing spin,....or to maybe attach token 'mini prizes' as winning black wedges too. It's up to you if you have specific ideas re
winning and losing.

For the Casino Wheel, rent our lockable metal money box, with clips for notes, and sections for coins. Just $6.

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Video on left is the ending of the blue prize wheel's spin, to show the lights working before dark.

See Video
see Videos
The video on the left is just the slow suspense-building ENDING of our red chocolate wheel, it's not showing a full spin. Inferior wheels have a short-lived 'plastic spin, and they stop too suddenly - preventing the suspense-filled players from seeing the grand finale...a bit like the finish of a horse race.....excitement builds as hopeful winners watch to see if they're coming up for a prize.
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See Video
Rent the small battery operated light box, with alphabet inserts to make your sign. Comes with lots of alphabet etc.   Eye-catching and exciting info! $8 rental.
This is one way to raise funds, whether using cash prizes as shown, or with other prizes. With the odds here, the 'house' is destined to make a profit by selling 'spins'.
Note, its a quick pic, when we didnt have enough fake money pieces to adhere, so some are blank.
See Video
Stacks of fab new jewellry, gadgets etc are still arriving. More photos coming soon, but see our prizes page, still under construction.
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Lightweight wall signs, or to sit on our mini easel.
small prize wheel sign.JPG

Coming Soon! Mini Kid's flashing Prize Wheel, 60 cm.

A nice hard spin going on here.
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