Rent a Cash Grabber Money Grabber machine 

How exciting! The chance to win some cash, or

a prize, in a 30 second flurry!

The Cash Grabber, or Money Grabber, or

Cash Cube - whatever you call it, is terrific for fund-raisers or to bring a crowd to your event for the free chance to win!

See prizes on the fly! Our Cash Grabber machine is similar, but nicer!

Coming late August!

If you prefer not to offer cash prizes, you can use lots of paper for the flurry, with

just SOME of them being a nice prize eg:

bottle of wine

box of chocolates

family pizza from local cafe

$20 coupon

2 movie passes

car detail by local service

$5 coupon

6 pack beer

2 kids meals at local pub 

$2 coupon

2 passes to local attraction eg water park, the Maze, bicycle hire the river, travelling circus, dog grooming, etc, ....whatever is worth winning for free!


Prizes could be small cash sums, or cash mixed with other prizes eg toy watches, box of lollies, giant lollipop, small jigsaw, movie pass, fun park admission, zoo pass, water park, kids jewellry, gadgets, craft books, block of chocolate, beach toy, fun sunglasses, glow toy, card game, funky balls etc!

Our bespoke Money Grabber machine is made to suit either adults and children, with it's adjustable height!

We supply lots of fake money to use, so that the 'winner's grab' can then be exchanged for real cash. Cash is the best prize there is!

The  Money Machine comes with a podium stand

which has a lockable cupboard underneath.

It also comes with a hand operated timer/stop watch, so if preferred you can set the game for just 15 second plays, whatever. We supply a flashing red 'alarm' light for optional attachment on the cash cube roof, or elsewhere.

We suggest the Rules of Play are that the arm is only allowed  to be inserted up to the forearm (no elbows). This should mean that the player is unable to touch the walls, but if their fingers can/do touch the wall to trap a note, it's against the rules.

We can supply a pack of ready cut blank paper if you wish (or cut your own).

The Money Grabber can also be used as a raffle drum.

Happy Winners!

cash grabber nearly done 3.JPG
cash grabber nearly done 4.JPG

Or, even just use all blank paper for the Cash Grabber, with just TWO paper prizes for a lucky player.

Say one voucher for $50 and one voucher for $100. Or if you want to up the ante, make it $100 and $200!

Big time excitement would be having a "Grab a Grand" event if $1000 suits your budget!

Perhaps sell (or give away) tickets for the chance to play and win. An option could do this every hour at an event if it's a long day's fund-raising activity eg a school fair. (This keeps your crowd around longer too.)

Note that power supply is required.


You can show the expectant crowd that the 2 big prize vouchers do exist, by tossing them into the money grabber in front of them (or any number you want) , before the player starts. The valuable voucher can be marked lightly, well disguised, or you can go a bit easy and make the voucher/s stand out in another colour. It's not that easy, but it's fun trying!

Any way you like it, you can create a lot of excitement, draw a crowd's attention, and if it's the plan, make a profit. Ya gotta love a cash grabber! 

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