Fairy Floss machine for rent
Price including Cart
Price without Cart

 with 50 serves           $195                   with 50 serves            $165

 with 100 serves         $210                   with 100 serves          $180

 with 150 serves         $225                   with 150 serves          $195

 with 200 serves        $240                   with 200 serves          $210


Fairy Floss machine with storage cart

Extra serves $17 per 50

Fairy Floss machine for bench top

Fairy Floss Cart

The baby Fairy Floss machine

Supplied with 50 serves of sugar and sticks.

Rent at $85

For either machine, you can choose your flavour/colour of fairy floss sugar. Maybe 2 or 3 flavours would be fun.

Choose bubble gum, lime, purple grape, strawberry, orange, banana, blue lemonade, old-fashioned willy-nilly pink flavour.

A cute fairy floss machine for small parties, producing 2 serves per minute.

It has a steel sugar scoop, and a steel drawer for the sugar. It has 3 compartments for 3 colours of sugar. The bubble cover is a must to protect the food from dust and debris, moisture, and to keep little fingers away. It is for keeping the floss from floating around the room, or being carried away by wind. 

A medium size banner comes with the machine and/or the small plastic sign board (below).

Just a bit of blutak does the job. Or can be hung up with ribbon/cord.

To see the size of the small sign, relative to the garage door.

Remember fairy floss is a special treat, not an every day food. So don't worry too much about sugar intake, as a serve has about the same sugar content as a freddo frog, 2 scoops of ice-cream, or a poptop juice pack.  Fairy Floss is mostly air!

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