Examples of custom wedges for the Red Casino Prize Wheel

red wheel with ready wedges.JPG

Here we've added our ready made vinly wedges, just to show an example- all wedges havent been attached. 

This makes the red as the main colour. Covering the red wedges, and leaving the yellow ones complete, makes a big change.

Of course, you can cover all the wedges, not just half.

IMG_2058 wheel small.JPG

Here we've added a few bits of fake money (just to show you- all wedges havent been done.) This is an optional display when using the wheel for some Casino gambling, along with the betting board shown on the gambling info page.

red wheel 2 small.JPG

By inserting black paper wedges, the colour scheme is changed.

The addition of white paper wedges provides areas to write (or stick) your prizes and info. You can add a cut-out circle with your logo in the middle.

real estate wheel.JPG

Here the customer had a single big circle printed at Officeworks, to simply lay over the whole wedge area.

Of course the number of wedges could be changed/chosen for your artwork plans.

This example uses paper pieces to cover the gambling numbers on the Red Casino Prize Wheel. Just for a fast sample they have been cut very roughly, in a few minutes. They dont sit flat because the acrylic cover is not put on (for camera glare). Printed vinyl number 'labels' are coming soon, to include with the wheel if desired.
red wheel wedge numbers and logo4688.JPG
A black paper circle is added, for a logo area. Red would look good too.
red wheel wedge numbers4683.JPG
IMG_7607 red wheel.JPG
Here we've added full-width deep red paper 'labels' where your prize can be placed, or some of our fab stick-on numbers.

With this rainbow example, a customer cut multi-colours to distinguish her prizes. This doubling-up of colours created 13 winning segments instead of 26. A nice job, but if the red and orange weren't together, it would be clearer. Perhaps the white tags could be a bit bigger - by having vertical printing - for better visibility.

IMG_2061 casino prize wheel.JPG
customer wedge work.JPG