Black Candy Prize Wheel Custom Wedge Examples

See above video for the lights at

dusk on the Black Prize Wheel.

To get a shot, the flash was off, but

the little camera gives us a dim,

blurry view of the wheel. In reality

it looks exciting, for the evening

that approaches.

Below video shows the still lights flashing. Several colours of the battery lights are available.

This has striking silver wedges added, but it's not captured in the photo.

Some silver card-stock makes for an eye-catching display.
See the height of the Prize Wheel compared to a door way.
If you want, you can cover every wedge fully, which of course will remove the existing (candy) colour scheme of the wedges. A blank canvas.
Here we have roughly stuck some random prize labels, just as food for thought (including some fake money). Other prizes can be added. Once the acrylic cover is on, the pieces sit nice and flat.  (No cover to avoid camera glare).
See how easily the colour scheme can be changed, as well as the NUMBER of wedges.
Don't like the rose colour? 4 purple paper wedges added - see no rose colour. Easy.
Maybe add some prize 'labels', which can be printed, or just written on with marker pen.
You can use colour to emphasize certain wedges.
Here, by 'halving' all but the purple paper wedges, with cut black paper, you effectively create 20 wedges instead of 12. This example also means that the 4 big wedges have 1 chance in 8 to be won. (While the others offer a chance of 1 in 16. You may like to have a cheaper/lesser prize in the big ones, being more likely to be won more often.)
Black paper is also a nice look, as shown.
Here we have changed the odds some more.
This example creates 16 wedges. By using the existing purple wedges, plus the addition of 4 big paper purple wedges, there is a one in 8 likelyhood that the spin will land on one of the bigger wedges (for 'cheaper' prizes...or even for your advertising, a no win wedge.
No-one says that every spin must be a winning prize. Losing spins are an option.) That leaves a one in 8 chance for the remaining wedges. Of course, if you make just ONE of those as a 'Grand Prize', there is a one in 16 chance of it being one. ( a nice 'carrot to dangle' is good for crowd participation. Everyone want to win a juicy prize.)
Some glitter stars can bring some bling to your prize wheel. (Dull photo is not good for seeing glitter.) These could be for marking a special prize, discount offer, jackpot etc.
*Silver, gold or red glitter stars available with the wheel, to add bling.
Use your imagination if you want a certain look - it just takes cutting some paper.
If you want it all black and white wedges - no problem. If you want it in your FOOTY colours, no problem. If you want it in your business/product theme colours, no problem. If you want it all with dinosaurs, fairies, skulls, zoo animals, baby bunting, racing cars, candy or love hearts - no problem. Just get the paper!
Here we have placed some ready made vinyl wedges, which come with any prize wheel if desired. With our nifty Prize Board display along-side, containing the 3 levels (rows) of relative prizes, this type of customisation requires little or no work. 
Prize Board would have a top row to choose the best prize/s for 1st prize win; a better value row in the middle for 2nd prize, and the bottom row for 3rd prize/s, being the least value prize/s. Jackpot could be a special prize such as some money, or a valuable bottle of alcohol, shopping voucher, dinner voucher, gym membership, or gift etc.
*Please ignore the repeated wedges shown, it is just a fast sample photo to give you the idea. Other vinyl wedges are bigger, and different colours.
This example uses 9 wedges instead of 12.
This means that the 3 big (double size) wedges can be for low value gifts, or advertising, while the remaining 6 are harder to land on - for more valued prizes.
Some A4 paper and A3 sheets of A3 paper were cut to simply lay over the wheel, where the black dividing lines are still showing. Using 2 or 3 of the little sticky tabs on each one, supplied, it's easy to set up.
Note that the wheel looks dull because it's near dusk, and the camera wants the flash turned on!
With the lights flashing, it takes luck to capture all in a photo. See the video (top of page) for some action.
Two colours of paper used for instant change.
You want numbers? The chocolate wheel is supplied with these optional eye-catching silver numbers added.
Or choose the black glitter numbers.
*The middle is just some black paper and some silver card!
Here is a quick mock-up of a layout which is designed to make a profit (using some calculations with certain value prizes that were used (from $1 to $25), with 100 spins/ticket sales. AND it's designed so that almost everyone wins a prize!!
It's not hard to raise funds with a Wheel of Chance. After all, that's why Crown Casino has a couple of prize wheels.
Free Gift could be some kind of low cost item that relates to your business or promotion. eg a makeup expo may offer a sample tube of cream or makeup pouch,  Faber-Castell may offer adhesive samples, or pencils, while a food expo may give a small packaged sample, etc, etc.
Dusk has started, and the battery lights flash their stuff (not a good pic!)
We chose to put the colour-changing lights in this time.
We have red, white, blue or colour-changing battery lights to choose from.
For a bit of whimsy, we stuck some numbers - good if kids are around too.
The numbers can equate to 6 different prizes you offer - or all can simply mean one prize only eg a number wins a chocolate, a coupon, or toy etc.
Ahem, the 4th prize addition was a quick mistake! 

We're in Rosebud, the place to be for sun and fun.

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