Fortuna Prize Wheel for hire


Fortuna spinning Prize Wheel

With 40 wedges, as you see, there are 5 sets of coloured wedges on the wheel, ready to go.

But you can change the look in many ways, by adding cut paper wedges under the acrylic facade.

Indeed, professionals could create one big circle of card, about a metre in diameter, to be laid over the whole wedge area for a total new look, showing your own design, images, promo, product, whatever. This is done by a printer like Officeworks etc, with your graphics ready to print.

Otherwise known as a Chocolate Wheel.


With 40 wedges, The Fortuna Prize Wheel has a central disc where a logo or promo can be printed and attached.

This disc doesn't spin, so the logo is upright at all times!

The battery operated lights glow indoors in daylight hours too!

The "logo disc" simply screws off, if you prefer no disc in the middle. (see photo below). It is dark blue on one side, and magenta on the reverse side.

We have added our logo onto the disc, where you can attach your own logo, promo, image, etc. (See how our 2 colours of logo changes the look.)


Our biggest Prize Wheel, the Fortuna, stands about 2.2 metres high at the very top when assembled- door frame height- and is 106 cm diameter.

This one can be best seen from afar, and over the heads of a crowd.

The Fortuna prize Wheel is very sturdy and stable. But if being used in very high winds, our 5 kg sandbags can be used.

Like all our spinning Prize Wheels, it can fit in a car, should you prefer to pick up yourself. It's in 2 parts - the wheel just needs to sit on a bolt for assembly.

Unlike our other prize wheels, the Fortuna Wheel has battery lights that still glow in the daytime. A fun look.

The most basic and easy way to use the wheel, as it is, WITH NO CUSTOM WEDGE ADDITIONS is to make each colour represent a certain prize (ie 5 different prizes), with equal chances of landing on the colours ie 1 in 8.

Or simply use each wedge for a prize win (which CAN include losing spins - for a fund raiser.)

You can add your own custom wedges, which can allow you to change the number of wedges eg maybe 20, maybe 16, or even 8 or 10 large wedges. You can cut your paper/card wedges, or we can make some for you, for a small fee.

The removable clear acrylic cover gives easy access for adding custom prize wedges.

By adding FATTER (double size) custom wedges, you can effectively change the odds how you like.


You could make just ONE wedge a  super jackpot prize, having just a 1 in 40 chance of it being won. Just give it a unique colour, eg gold perhaps, or black.

See our example photo above, where we have added 8 double wedges, using pink and metallic pink (to get a 'pinkier' look in this case). Any colour could be emphasized eg using the green wedges to play on, or having say black in every 2nd wedge, or silver, whatever you like.

The photos barely show the nice silver trims on the wheel and the logo disc!

There is no reason why you couldn't have just 5 BIG wedges for example. Simpy cut 5 big colours of card, and lay over the top. Voila!

For ideas, also see some wedge work examples for the 3 other Prize Wheels, on each wheel's relevent page.

Below you will see examples of Fortuna Prize Wheel with some coloured paper wedges etc added, for a different look. 

IMG_6837 fortuna prize wheel.JPG

Here we cut a Bunnings print to show how your business can work free product into the wheel. These would be Bunnings vouchers in reality. 

Please ignore the weird words on black wedges - was waiting on more glitter letters to arrive, including silver ones.

Note the blank disc option in the centre. Or choose the reverse side, which is navy blue.

Below is the blank navy disc, as well as an example of a magenta logo and a blue logo attached. Your colours will change the wheel dramatically. eg Football colours.

IMG_6820fortuna prize wheel.JPG
IMG_6819 fortuna prize wheel.JPG
fortuna prize wheel.JPG
IMG_7595 c.JPG
IMG_7588 crop.JPG

Using these wedges above, we have tested the wheel with a 100 spin set, and after allocating the prize values, and spin ticket value, eg $5 or $10 for a FUNdraiser, we have results that show several hundred dollars profit (after deducting the wheel rental cost.) This can be personally modified for prize values, but the ODDS are designed to make a profit with any appropriate prizes assigned to each wedge.

The photo is dull because it was taken pre-dusk, under cover - trying to catch the lights that glow in daylight hours.

IMG_7588 crop 2.JPG

Click here to see how we worked out this easy prize scheme to make a profit, while 3/4 of the '100 players' don't go empty-handed after their "donation" (ie a fee to spin to win), which brings excitement as well as probably a win (well, 3 in 4 chance of a win).

IMG_6840 fortuna wheel green.JPG

To make this mock-up design all we used is 4 pieces of green A3 paper, and one black piece, where we chose to cover up the original yellow and navy wedges on the wheel.

We send details for you to cut a cardboard template, ready for tracing your wedges, if you want to change size and/or colour of any wedges.

*Yes, some weird words there! Waiting on more glitter alphabet while playing with green!

Our vinyl ready made wedges are fast and easy to use. A glitter star makes the special prizes stand out.

Multiple 'chocky' wedges are good as 'fillers' for when you want an easy, cheap prize to be won more often than a nicer prize.

Fillers can be prizes like a voucher for a free coffee & cake 2 for 1, or free beer/wine (with purchase of a main course), or buy 6 rolls, get 6 free, etc. Local businesses can profit from the vouchers offered, and the advertising. (Put thier logo on the wedge to sweeten the deal!)

vinyl wedges ready cut.JPG
IMG_6827 close fortuna wedge.JPG
20211125_163810 (3)b.jpg

See some interesting wedges used for a Christmas party!

A last minute, quick job we did for the customer.

Photo taken without the acrylic cover - to avoid photo glare.