Mini Snow Cone machine

Snow Igloo machine

Mini Snow Cone machine

The smallest machine, white body. The machine can sit on a bench instead of the cart. Cart has storage compartment underneath. Capacity for small groups only.

The Igloo shaped 'big daddy' machine. It can sit on a bench instead of the cart. Made for easy transport with wheels and a pull handle.

Mini Snow Cone machine, blue body. Can sit on a bench instead of the cart, which has storage compartment underneath. Capacity for small groups only.

Machine comes with supplies for your chosen quantity of servings ie. 5  flavours of syrup, cups, spoon-straws. An ice scoop and a snow scoop are included. All you need is bags of ice; about 30 serves per bag.

We loan our 60 litre esky with the Igloo, which holds about 6 bags of ice. It has wheels and a pull handle.

Small eskys are also offered.

These machines are very easy to operate, and extremely safe to use. Just scoop ice into the chute, hold handle down, and see the snowy ice drop into the reservoir. Scoop in the cups and squeeze chosen flavoured syrup on top. (3 colours make a 5 shade rainbow effect, which kids love!)

These Snow Cone machines are made in USA.

Sturdy, well made, reliable.

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Our portable Snow Cone Machine is made for events, by long term American experts.

When the handle is in 'lock' position, it works to pull the machine along on it's wheels. (Although it's not really heavy.)

Unlike a slushie machine, which can 'run out' because it can't freeze fast enough for a crowd, our Snow Cone machine can keep making snow all day long.

And you can use it for adults too - either by having a concentrate home made coffee mix with some condensed milk, or for exciting alcoholic treats, eg Mai Tai, Marguerita, Vodka lime crush etc.

mini snow set up smaller.JPG
mini snow and menu small.JPG
snow cones table 2.JPG

With the Snow Cone machine, you receive a trestle with table cover, filled syrup dispensers, ice scoop, ice breaker, spoon-straws, and either paper cone cups or clear plastic cups with a sipping spout. The menu board and an esky are also included, as well as a sign post.

clear snow cups.JPG
snow cone holder.JPG

For a big  crowd, you may need the snow cone holder. See the paper cups, and the clear cups.