Bash Splash! water game for rent

Summer fun at it's best!  Hit the target, and see the bucket of water dump on the 'victim's' head!

Just connect to a hose!

Bash Splash is easy to assemble, with the top section already fixed in one piece. Put the lower poles together, and get ready for some fun activities!


Bash Splash water game requires an operator to just turn the valve on the hose fitting until the bucket is full, then close it.

Once the player hits the target,

the bucket releases the water....

onto the person underneath! The School Principal is a favourite target...or fave "dumpee"!

Bash Splash comes in a carry bag that easily fits in the car or boot, weighing only 13 kgs.

Both adults and kids enjoy this cheeky game. The degree of difficulty can be changed for different age groups, by tightening/loosening of a screw piece that makes the target 'trigger' release with a softer 'brush' by the player's toss-pouch. Or, set it with a firmer, tighter trigger release required for emptying the bucket. This is good for use by little kids, as well as by adults with more skill.


Player has 3 toss-pouches for his shot at a dump. Avoiding the use of balls with Bash Splash means less retreival of wayward balls. The prize for a successful hit? Seeing your soaked friend or collegue!


Bash Splash water game comes with a folding chair. It also comes with a mini umbrella hat that fits on the head (for those who dont want to mess with their hair!)

For the 'very timid' dumpees, a disposable plastic rain coat is also provided. (or for fun and games in cooler weather!)

No excuse for Nana now!

Instead of a water hose, Bash Splash can be used by tipping some home-made, food-grade "GOO"into the bucket for a laugh!

Fund raising at a "Wicked Chocolate' event, where they manually filled the bucket with chocolate milk!