Popcorn Machine rental

Including printed popcorn bags, corn, oil, salt, popcorn scoop.

Free loan includes 30 metre length of bunting banner flags, small folding trestle table, matching plastic table cloth and a large or small colourful Popcorn Banner, weatherproof.

Price includes the Cart underneath. This cart makes for an

old-fashioned carnival look, but if you don't require the popcorn cart, DEDUCT $15 from below prices. (cart has storage compartment.)

Popcorn machine with Cart and 50 serves           $140
            "                 "                100 serves           $155
            "                 "                150 serves           $170
            "                 "                200 serves           $185
$15 for each extra 50 serves required over 200.

The Popcorn machine can be used on a table or bench top.  The ingredients are Australian made. Popcorn contains no gluten, no dairy, no nuts, no eggs, and is high in fibre - a nutritious whole grain food.

If you are fund-raising, you can't go past fresh hot Popcorn! The irresistible aroma draws people from afar, who develop a big desire to eat some! And it's so more-ish!