About Us

There are not many kids who don't get excited about Fairy Floss, Popcorn and Snow Cones. Our aim is to provide that special extra feature for your celebration, that will make it a memorable one. There's a lot of 'grownups' that love the fun food too!  


You can hire a Fairy Floss machine and/or a Popcorn machine, Snow Cone machine right here in beautiful Rosebud, on Mornington Peninsula. 

And check out our new Waffle Stick machines! Yum!


The smell of popcorn, waffles, and floss, is so appealing when the fresh goodies are being made. Now you don't have to wait for the carnival to have a special treat! Every day is a celebration!


Ready bagged Fairy Floss, Popcorn, and Waffle Sticks can be pre-ordered. They have very colourful labelling, or can be un-labelled. Several floss colours are available. Bagged fresh gourmet popcorn is also available eg nachos flavour, or garlic/chilli, or herb/garlic (not packet seasoning; home made). What's known as 'Poppy Cock' is available; popcorn with toffee, nuts, coconut (and choc chips?)


You can pick up/return 7 days a week, or instead choose delivery for a fee, local area. (We can loan a trailer too.)


Our profits go to charity - to help needy pets on the Mornington Peninsula.


We love animals!

Upcoming Events:
Family Day - 22.7.2023