Hot Dog Machine Rental

MADE IN AUST. With 3 bun warmer spikes, this hot dog steamer has 2 compartments; one for hot dogs that are heating up, one section for dogs that are hot and ready to serve.

This model's cooker holds approximately 20 hot dogs in each compartment. After filling the reservoir with hot water and putting in about 24 hot dogs, it takes approx 15 mins to heat up and be cooked. Filling with over 24 dogs takes longer.

Push a fresh roll onto the heated spikes to warm up before serving. Yum!


Hot Dog banner for hanging or blutak on wall.

hot dog banner.JPG

MADE IN USA. This eye-catching hot dog machine holds up to 192 cooked hot dogs (or brats), or the bun divider can be inserted, to allow for a combination of up to 96 hot dogs and 30 warm buns.

Note that about 3 dozen dogs can be cooked to start, before transferring to the 'cooked and ready' compartment. Then about 24 dogs can be cooked per batch. Or if you have served all the ready dogs, ie empty, you can cook more dogs in both compartments - about 3 dozen.

The hot dog machine takes about 8-10 mins to cook the dogs.

Chinese machines look much the same, but are not of the same quality. (Including very sharp steel edges which cut knuckles.)

With a 9 litre reservoir, it has a quick-turn release valve, for easy and safe removal of the hot water.

The adjustable thermostat allows for more accurate water  temperature control.

Size: 33cm x 41 cm x 37cm high.

Keep the cooked dogs in one compartment, while you add more dogs to the other compartment to be cooked. A warmed bun makes for a great hot dog!


A bread bin is available to keep your rolls fresh, and presented nicely. It holds about 30 rolls.

Some food for thought!