Custom artwork examples done by our customers                         for the Prize Wheel

REA prize wheel small.jpg
tassie wheel sticker 2.JPG

A professionally made single circle, which covers the lights, everything. We now cannot allow stick-on artwork like this, as it was very hard to remove, and it took the paint off the wheel;

real estate wheel.JPG

Here, for the 'Game of Homes' they have professionally printed one single big circle, and simply laid it over the whole wedge area of the Red Wheel.

UHU wheel pic 2.jpeg

A few fast cuts of coloured paper brings the black wheel to life with a corporate colour scheme.

optus wheel.jpeg
optus wheel 2.jpeg

The 'unusual' numbers on the Red Casino Wheel were useful here, as the plentiful numbers like 1 or 2 were for 'smaller/cheaper' prizes, and the single no 47 (and no 23) was for a grand prize. Easy done!

wheel bupa.jpg
cadburys xmas wheel.jpg

Staff had the chance to win some fabulous prizes for Christmas.

KFC artwork.JPG

Uh-oh! The Colonel is in hiding!

chinese new year wheel crowd.JPG
chinese new year prize wheel 3.JPG

Chinese New Year of the Pig. This real estate company had a prize for $10,000 off a property purchase!

prize wheel catches a crowd.JPG

The Prize Wheel did it's job well! It brought a crowd, and kept their attention on the promotional wheel.

coles activation display small.JPG

An eye-catching display using our Black Candy prize wheel.

customer wedge work.JPG

Here, with the Red Wheel, they have cut hand made inserts look like a rainbow.

customers wheel.jpg

Simple but effective wedge/labels printed and cut in the office.