Examples of wedges to make

for the Blue Prize Wheel.

Dusk is starting and the battery operated lights are beginning to glow.
These photos are taken with the plastic cover off, to avoid the camera glare and reflections.
Here, the black paper is a different size wedge (smaller). It is effectively changing the prize wheel to a 10 prize wheel (with the other wedges being a prize-less spin...or just a chocolate perhaps.
For local fund-raising, local businesses may be happy to donate a few vouchers in return for a bit of 'wheel advertising'.
Eg Donut King may offer 4 vouchers for 6 donuts, or Bakers Delight may offer 4 bread loaves, a hotel may offer 4 beer or wine vouchers. It won't hurt to ask!
(You just print the voucher to give customer, after confirming the supplier's offer.)
With these example prize offers, a notice board/sign is nearby to advise any conditions or details about the free vouchers from each supplier, eg "free main meal when purchased with another main meal". Or 6 pack of cinnamon donuts," or "not available on Saturday nights," etc.
Here we have quickly placed some cut paper over the Blue Wheel's numbers, in 2 layers for a bright eye-catching Chocolate Wheel.
We can send you a word doc template to easily create your own printed labels.
We have added many lolly pop wins, to show an example of keeping most prizes minimal, low-cost.
See chalk signs & displays for Prize info.
Adding your own big round logo in the middle can make for a polished, exciting wheel of chance to promote your business.
Imagine the whole blue circle covered in say, gold glitter card, (or black) with you printed logo laid on top (or your web address etc.) Pretty catchy!
Here, the Blue Wheel has tri-colour paper wedges inserted. The blue is holographic book cover roll.
Just the addition of red glitter stars changes the look. As an example, the star wedges could even be the winning wedges, while the remaining wedges win nothing.
Adding some black paper over the blue wheel's colours creates striking contrast. With paper prize wedges cut a bit better/wider, than this quick example, this is an easy but interesting look. The big glittery stars are not evident here, but with the black, they look very nice, maybe for an evening event.
Here we  have used the cheapest prize range for young kids, 80c to $1 ea.
See more photos of prizes added directly onto the Wheel here.
IMG_2503 blue wheel lights small.jpg
You just keep a couple of each item to the side, to give any winners, leaving the samples on the wheel.
With just a 1 in 20 chance of being won, the addition of a more expensive prize can capture more crowd involvement (profit for you), eg a bottle of scotch, slab of beer, dinner for 2, double movie passes, double pass to Melb Aquarium, Luxury Spa pass etc, even $50 cash.
IMG_4505 crop email.JPG
blue wheel vinyl wedges.JPG
These are our new VINYL ready made wedges which you can choose to add to your prize wheel rental. They sit flat when the little sticky tabs are used (not in this example).
It's very bright, with eye-catching colours, but the dull, blurry photography is not my day job, for sure!
blue wheel vinyl wedges 2.JPG
IMG_4504 wedges crop email.JPG