Betting for Fun

Using play money, or real money, these accessories for the Casino Prize Wheel enhance the experience, and provide all you need for a great gambling party.

Simply place the cloth on your table, then lay our acrylic sheet down, voila! You have a betting table for your friends to place bets together in a happy gathering. (You can make some rules eg. maximum bet for any spin is just $1, $2, or $5. If nothing else it prevents the 'crazy one' to throw his whole $30 (of chips) down in one spin!!) Yoy can play for a couple of hours without betting too much money, with many exciting prize wheel spins - each one giving you a chance to win. Watching your money multiply ie your chips, is excitement that is shared with others who win and lose. The next spin could turn a loser into a winner - who doesn't love that!

By placing your chip/s on a red "betting field', say beside the $1 coin, you would double your money ie get $2 in chips back; if the spin lands on a number 1.

By placing your chip/s on say, the $5 betting field, you would win 5 times your bet back in chips...if the $10 comes up on the win 11 times your money, and so on.

A player can bet on more than one section. 

After each spin, the dealer pays the winner/s chips, and takes all the remaining chips, for

"The House".

Rent the Betting Table sheet, with a table cover for $22

Rent the Chips with the case as shown here for $17.

Other colours, styles available.

Rent the Cash Box, lockable, for $9.

To make a fabulous 'gambling night' (which is legal to do at home etc), we also have a green felt table cover (elasticized) which has a large acrylic cover that provides the areas to place your bets, with our range of chips. It is very similar to the Crown Casino layout.

To keep the betting a bit lower key, you can choose to omit the 47 to 1 bet by inserting a (gold?) paper 'wedge' with your written prize eg LOSER... or 'choose from the Prize Board', or perhaps 'FREE DRINK', block of chocolate, or for that special win - a bottle of Scotch or maybe a flat $20 payout....etc etc.

This betting prize wheel is designed so that 'the house' always makes a profit, so this is perfect for a fund-raiser night of fun.

Of course, like the Casino prize wheel, some players will go home with nothing, some will go home with part of their money back, and some will go home with more money than they started with - real winners!

note: If you wish, you can set a 'maximum bet' amount for spins eg, say $2, $5 or $10.

For an exciting party activity, the 'profit' can go towards paying for the party food and drinks, or for the Prize Wheel rental cost!

The best Wheel betting party is one where everyone who is invited is to 'pay' say $25 or $30 each (not a lot for a good night out - which can mean they go home with a PROFIT!)

Each player is given their $30 of chips to play with, and at end of the night, they 'cash in' their chips. Gotta love a Casino Wheel!