some fun scenes

fund raising at a market

 Three fun food machines on a day out.
The little folding serving booth can be rented, with various banner signs on top.

children's birthday

 The small Snow Cone machine makes a kid's party come alive! Choose from 5 flavours for the cone, or maybe the popular rainbow cone!

Luau tiki party

 We all love anything 'beachy', what better than grass skirts, a tan, a nice cocktail, soft lights, tropical decor and a happy bunch of friends?
Gettin' freaky at the Tiki!
A church Funday
 A little lady's 50th
Before we trimmed the umbrella thatch!
This groom doesn't look nervous!

This sweetie is too young to giddy-up and go. But mum got her confidence up, and her 1st ride was a winner!

Our safety barrier keeps the riders contained.

Summer Fest at the University
A relaxing day at Red Hill, The Epicurean.
The Wicked Chocolate Festival, using Bash Splash to raise funds for charity. They manually filled the bucket with chocolate milk!
REA prize wheel small.jpg
REA prize wheel 2 small (2).jpg
Fabulous artwork by our customer for their real estate event.
prize wheel hens party (3).jpg
Ahem.... This hen's party is set for some big prizes!
The kids prize wheel is for all ages. This is some office fun.
UHU wheel pic 2.jpeg
optus wheel 2.jpeg
pig race kids.JPG
Pig Race on the go for a family fun day.
cadburys xmas wheel.jpg
popcorn machine bunnings family
Staff had the chance for some big prizes for Christmas.
popcorn operator.jpg
Sun and Fun operators at a Family Fun Day.
genu xmas party 4.jpg
genu xmas party.jpg
genu xmas party 5.jpg
Games can be played from a wheel chair.
hot dog booth.JPG
aloha lady.jpg
chinese new year prize wheel 3.JPG
Chinese New Year of the Pig
party 1 small.JPG
party 10 small.JPG
Fake fire torches are the trick.
party 6 small.JPG
party 7.JPG
The tiki totem with fake fire works very well in a garden setting.
coles activation display small.JPG