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The idea is that we supply MORE prizes than you would need/use. This way all players have CHOICES, right up to the last player's selection. (What winners want to see just the last few prizes on an empty display!) You just peg more prizes on the board as they diminish.

 You return the un-used prizes, and only pay for the prizes you kept.

Prize Board example for small kids

*not including prizes

Winners choose a Prize! A Prize Board is compiled and supplied to suit the age group of the players. From tots to adults, from 80c each to $5. You choose the price range you want eg $1-2 each etc. Better than being handed a lolly bag!

sign easel 2.JPG
sign easel.JPG

Rent Prize Board with small counter-top easel. 

Rent empty Prize Board with large easel

This little easel simply has a plastic board, where you can tape prizes, vouchers etc, or attach your signage. Or use our little blackboard.

Red, yellow or blue easels. 

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small prize board 2.JPG
small prize board 4.JPG
small prize board 3.JPG
mini easel prize board.JPG

Make your own prize-winning rules, but one way is to hand a 'ticket' to a winner of any game played through the event, and at end of games, player uses tickets to choose a prize. This way you can avoid disrupting kids while in "play mode', removing him/her from the games/queue, by directing them to choosing a prize, (and other little ones wondering why THEY didn't get a prize at that time too, boo-hoo!). For adults, this scenario would be different, of course. (err, well, I guess so!)


You could enhance this idea, by having some Prizes better (more expensive) than others, in sections. Rather like a typical big-time Carnival, where the big stuffed toys are reserved up top for big winners, and the smaller (cheaper) prizes are below. This way, the players with the most winning tickets can 'cash them in' for a big prize, if not a couple of small prizes. The prize could even be some money or a voucher.


Of course, with little kids, the tickets can be handed out easily to everyone, so that there are no upset 'losers'! Everyone wins a prize!

mini easel prize board 2.JPG
prize display mesh.JPG
prize board large easel.JPG

This prize display has a more adult look, black and red, with reflective gold on the edge. (not caught well in the photo. A good look with night lights.)

Lots more clips and pegs come with it, so heaps of small prizes can fill it up.