Rent Counters and Tables

Trestle tables, in 4 sizes, plastic with carry handles and adjustable height. From 70cm Wide, from $7 rental. Some are included with games etc at no cost.

Lemonade Stand, for serving anything, from coffee, to hot dogs, to ice cream or admission tickets. Fast to assemble and dis-assemble to easily fit in your car.

Choose interchangeable banners to attach to the Lemonade Stand. Counter flips over to a stained wood colour.

Size: 1.2m w x 60 cm D

Folding serving booth, with choice of banners to attach to the top. Fits in any car. Rental includes a folding trestle to sit in the booth.


Rustic wooden garden counter/bar, folding, with insert counter for the rear, which also folds up. So it fits in a car!

The bar is in 2 (folding) pieces, so it's easy to handle and transport.


Bamboo Beach Bars, 2 available, with choice of bamboo or thatch roof. Roof comes off, and the poles, for transport.


Miniature lolly stand or serving booth for fun food and/or shop play. For ages about 4-8 years.