Tiki Bar Accessories....more
Paper Garland
Fake Palm Trees
Tiki Wall Decor
String Lanterns
Flower Pot, medium
Flower Straws. Buy only
Men's Lei
Head Lei
Wrist Lei
Drink Straws. Buy only
Wall Scene Hanging
Hair Clips. Buy only
Ladies Head Lei. Buy only

Men's Hawaiian Shirts

Frangipani hair pins, buy only

Red Tablecloth

Mini Tiki Totems
Aloha Sign
totem with lights 3.JPG

stick a battery light behind for fiery eyes.

Lime Tablecloth

Green Tablecloth

pot 4b.JPG
Pot Plants medium
Pot Plant large
Limbo game
What the....!
Hibiscus vines
Hanging Wall or Door curtain, Hawaiian decor, 2 available
Hanging Tiki lanterns
with individual battery lights in each one.
beach backdrop 2 small.JPG
beach backdrop small.JPG
A fast fix back-drop for behind the tiki bar, or to cover a fence or wall that 'uglifies' your party!.
It is on 2 free-standing poles, so you can put it anywhere! Attached so that it doesn't billow in the wind.
Pic taken before it was ironed!