Tiki Bar Accessories....more
Fake Palm Trees $35
Tiki Wall Decor $9
String Lanterns varied colours $12
Flower Pot, medium
Flower Straws. Buy only
Men's Lei
Head Lei
Wrist Lei
Drink Straws. Buy only
Hair Clips. Buy only $4
Ladies Head Lei. Buy only
Frangipani hair pins, buy only $2

Men's Hawaiian Shirts, laundered $13

Red Tablecloth $13

Mini Tiki Totems $8
Aloha Sign
totem with lights 3.JPG

stick a battery light behind for fiery eyes.

Lime Tablecloth $13

Green Tablecloth $13

pot 4b.JPG
Pot Plants large  $13
Pot Plants medium $8
Pot Plant large
Limbo game $38
What the....!
Hibiscus vines $4
Hanging Wall or Door curtain, Hawaiian decor, 2 available $19 ea
Hanging Tiki string lanterns
with individual battery lights in each one. $18
beach backdrop 2 small.JPG
beach backdrop small.JPG
A fast fix back-drop for behind the tiki bar, or to cover a fence or wall that 'uglifies' your party!.
It is on 2 free-standing poles, so you can put it anywhere! Attached so that it doesn't billow in the wind.
Pic taken before it was ironed! $20