Tiki Bar Accessories...continued.
12 light green white.jpg

Glow Glasses, washable.$2.90

see more pics under tableware

Leaves, pack of 12, for tables decoration etc. $7.50

Head Leis, 12 pack, buy only

Wrist/Ankle Leis, 12 pack, buy only

12 pcs deep pink 64cm.jpg

other colours avail, packs of 12.

Set of Leis, buy only

Grass Skirt, shimmery, below knee, buy only

Grass Skirt, shimmery, knee length, buy only

Grass Skirt, lge size, buy only

Leaf Lei, soft

Maraccas for display only $6

12 pcs pink.jpg

Fern Head lei, soft

Bamboo Tiki Bar Stools, 6 available $10 ea

Paper straws

Artificial Bamboo stems

1 metre

Door Cover, mounted on plastic board $14

Bamboo drink straws


 plastic sign $4

Paper Bamboo Straws

Drinks Jug,

rustic candle holder

Table Skirt short for round or square table, ha! $20

Plastic Wine Glasses,

household quality,

not disposable $10 set

Plastic Parfait Glasses (nuts),

household quality,

not disposable $6

mini battery lights $6.50

hanging lei garlands, 15-20m $7.50

Thatch umbrellas, with stand $28

Tiny fairy lights, battery operated. From 50cm to 2m. Several colours. No cost with Tiki Bar.

Aloha wooden sign

Wooden Totem Plaques

Banana Pot Plant, artificial, 1.8m.

2 available. $15

Bamboo Pot Plant,

artificial, 1.8 m.

2 available. $15

tiki cloth 3.JPG

Tiki table cover. Large, flannel back. 3 available. $9 ea

old beach table small.JPG
flower pole battery lights 7.JPG

Rustic beach table. Ignore the bowl on it! No splinters. $12

More To Come!

flower pole battery lights 4.JPG

free standing pole with a hibiscus vine wrapped on it, with a battery string light. Fills a dull corner. 2 available. Good to flank the entrance, bar or buffet. $17

Beachy accessories. basket trays, fake leaves, fake candle, fun specs with no glass (for bar person or host).

beachy accessories 3 small.jpg

Flat tree trunks for stools,

20 available.

Beachy bench seats to sit on 2 tree trunks. 10 available. Sanded smooth. Seats 4.