Signs for rent

Note that some of these come FREE with a Fun Food Machine or games rental.

welcome to carnival banner 2.JPG
Carnival Banner
Fairy Floss Banner
Popcorn Banner, large
Fairy Floss banner, large
Snow Cone banner
Chalk Menu sign
Sponge Bob

Free standing or hang. Custom wording included, with your name.

Carnival Party sign,
with your wording
Party sign, to hang, no stake.
Movie night banner/board
Sign Post large, with sign hanging  screws.
Folding Serving Booth, including trestle. With choice of inter-changeable banner signs. 
Optional signs extra cost.

Poles and banner board come off, so the booth fits into a standard car.

(FREE signs come off, and can blutak other signs.)

Electric, indoors

Small sign posts have changeable signs. 2 posts available. Can stick your own signs, or we supply - see examples here.


Small sign posts and a banner/sign come free with Fun Food machine rental and/or games. 

$4 & $6

Comes in small or medium size. Small pictured.

Hang it or blutak.

Selling your snow cones?

Write price on the card.

Thumb sized battery lights, stuck on with blutak.

FREE loan sign posts with a Fun Food machine or Party Games rentals.

small floss sign.JPG
small fairy floss sign on doorway small.

Small plastic fairy floss sign. See it on a door for relevant size.

Below is a floss banner, to blutak onto a wall, or on our serving booths.

floss banner.JPG

One of our sign posts, with a bit of blutak to hold the battery lights on. Good for movie nights, or for any party where soft, moody party lighting is the idea. You can put the posts anywhere! Add more fairy lights to the pole to brighten the bling even more, eg Xmas or New Years.

Dusk has arrived, the lights are good for your dim or drab corners or at an entrance way...a pair maybe?

Even when daylight is just starting to go, the lights start the party atmosphere.

Wrap the lights around plants, doors, cake table, popcorn machine cart, practically anywhere.

post with lights 4.JPG
sign with lights 6.JPG