House of Balls rental

Here's a 'play pen' for a romp amongst a heap of small plastic balls! 1100 balls to be exact!

The House of Balls comes partially assembled, with a few poles left to put together quickly.

The windows have net window coverings (not shown), so that balls can be contained during a romp.

No running after balls!

*door gets tied closed.

See photos here, for the 2 minute assembly details. The house is almost complete, very fast easy to set up. 

Go swimming in a sea of balls!

What toddler doesn't like that?!

This small House of Balls fits no more than 3 children at one time, about 2-4 yo, as each needs a little room to move around.  If 5 or 6 years of age, 2 kids will fit nicely. Not suitable for any kids over aged 6. 


Dimensions: 90 cm square, walls 45 cm high, roof 135 cm high.