Some temporary Tattoo examples

Tattoo costs range from 35 cents to 55 cents each.

Not including large tattoos.

Tattoos are not available for sale without the Tattoo Display Board.

Individual tattoos cannot be selected. (Unless they are the very large tattoos.) A certain TYPE can be chosen, in a certain price range, so you would receive a mix of tattoos - like "Mickey Mouse and Superheroes," or "butterflies and dinosaurs," or "My little Pony," or "snakes and dragons" etc.

Above is a selection of tattoos for teenage girls, adults.

Below is a selection of tattoos for teenage boys, adults.

These are from the 55-60 cent range.

These are some examples for kinder age children, priced at 40c each. They are glittery and bright.

Above are tattoo examples for young kids, priced at 35c each. Some are glittery (bottom 2 rows.)

Above are 50 cent tattoo examples for young kids

Above are more 40 cent tattoo examples.

 The larger tattoos for the shoulder, chest, upper arm or leg.

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