Rent a Ride-On Pony

Wow! What fun for the little ones! With no power, no batteries, this toy horse moves along by the rider's own body weight.

No batteries or mechanical power - the child's weight on the stirrups works a bit like a bicycle, to propel forward.

6 ponies available. (2 sizes)

Suitable for children from about 4 to 8 years old (maximum weight 30 kgs.)


Anti-reverse wheels

Non-scratch wheels

Height: 74 cm (small pony)

Width:  87 cm (small pony)

Seat to pedal: 42 cm (small pony)

Weight: 8 kgs (small pony)

Natural riding motion

Good for child development and exercise

Environmentally friendly


The pony ride operates by the child bouncing up and down in the saddle, with feet weighing down in the stirrups, which propels the pony forward. The stirrups give leverage, like a real horse rider gets a horse going. It's not unlike how a child may sit on a big beach ball and bounce up and down. They get the hang of it quickly.

The ride-on Pony is the ideal way to ensure the kids use up all their excess energy, while honing their motor skills!


It's designed to be used on smooth hard surfaces, as well as short loop carpet (not grass).

Want to make an arena to suit your space?

Hire our safety barriers, to enclose the riding area, and keep riders in your designated area.

No running off into the garden bed, or into the street, or into your table or anywhere you want riders to avoid.

With placement of the cones, you can make the desired size and shape arena you prefer.

eg. 6 cones wide x 5 cones long = approx. 6 x 4.5 metres (ie = 18 cones). Or say 4 cones wide x 6 cones long = approx. 6 m x 6 m

(ie = 16 cones.)

Priced per cone, with plastic safety chains and small sandbags. (A minimum of 16 cones is recommended for a spacious 4 pony area, for a good ride, no crowding).

$2.70 ea

Each pony comes with a helmut, and some disposable shower-caps are supplied, for hygiene. A set of scales is included, to be sure of a child's weight.

Fitting for this Cup Day event, we see winning by a nose can do it, or not! Prize Please!

(Tightly rolled blankets also make good barriers).

See a video of our ponies being ridden:

We can't forget the tiny tots, so this little rocking horse is the go!

$10 with a pony cycle