Mega Wire Game for hire

For Adults or older Kids!

                 A new version of an old-fashioned game.

   But you DON'T get a small electric shock! The BEEPER will  

       go off if you touch the "wire," which is a steel tube.

Our fabulous Mega Wire game tests your nerves! With a steady hand you must pass the rod over the wire WITHOUT TOUCHING IT.

You lose if you don't make it to the end without touching it.

The beeper will go off if you touch the wire, meaning the end of the shot, and the timer will show how fast it was done!

If there is a competition, you can note the TIMER on the digital display when the beep goes off.

For fund-raising, a winner who makes it to the end without touching/beeping, can be given a prize. The better the prize, the better the profits can be, as you attract a crowd.

mega wire game 2.jpg
mega wire buzz wire game 2.jpg

Slow and steady, that's the name of the game.

It's not so easy that Mega wire can't be used for fund-raising at fun fetes and events.

Mega Wire, or Buzz Wire as it's also called, requires an electrical outlet.

Mega Wire has an optional remote control to operate the game.

Mega Wire is not very suitable for young kids, simply because they would have no chance of success.      This game is best for teens and adults.