Limbo Game rental

Aloha! This is kind of like Hawaiian yoga! Play our Hawaiian CD, and limber up for Limbo!

Start with the pole across the top bars, and queue up, taking turns to shimmy under the cross-pole without knocking it off. Keep the queue moving around it, and have the 'operator' lower the pole bit by bit after all players have passed under. This makes for some harder work as folk bend backwards to avoid touching the pole.

A player is out of the game if they knock the pole off. The remaining players keep going, wriggling lower and lower, until they give it up, or knock the pole off.

REMEMBER: Limbo rules are that players must not twist their body side-ways, to duck under the pole - that's cheating! Bending the body backwards is the way.

(The HEAD can twist away to avoid the pole.)

Not recommended for elderly people, or those with poor body condition.

Best to be played on sand, the true Polynesian way, or on the grass.