Rent a Fish Pond Game

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Click button to see the baby fish and duck pond for tots.

Wow! Kid's can safely go fishing with our real fishing poles that have  been modified for comfort and safety. Using cute plastic fish which have a metallic mouth, our magnetized rod will 'grab' the fish, ready to reel in.

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Rental comes with 6 rods and 60 fish. More rods cost $5 ea, and more fish cost $5 per 20 fish.

We have REAL kid's fishing rods! Cut down shorter, magnetized, with line reduced to a maximum length of under a metre, and  knobs glued on the end to the protect eyes of players.

For plain good fun, there needs to be no prizes for catching any fish...which is quite easy to do.

But an option, especially for fund-raising, can be where any child who catches say 3 fish in the LIMITED PLAY TIME, wins a prize - even just a lollypop or freddo frog etc.

And perhaps going further, any child who catches say 6 fish in the time frame wins a better prize.

Or even ensure every child wins a prize,

with just one fish.

The supervisor may have a whistle for 'stop play', so the next players can take their turn. *We even have a timer you can use.


This sturdy fishing game assembles in just a few minutes, requiring no tools. It's 80% pre-assembled.

Our fish and duck pond packs into a light, compact pack, fitting in a standard car. 

Of course, a very small (supervised) child may not be able to see the fish in the water, but then fishing is like that! It's about patience and hoping for the best! With lots of fish used, which wont stay in one spot, it's still very likely there will be fish for dinner!

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fish pond almost done 3.JPG

Holding just 41 litres of water (5 buckets), the water depth is only 16cm! Yet, the water level reaches near to the top rim of the pond structure for the kids' enjoyment. The filled pool weighs about 42 kgs.

The fish pond measures 1.2m long, 55 cm wide, 64 cm high.

The rear banner is 72 cm high, making the total height approx 138 cm.

This bespoke fishing game can allow for up to 6 players players at one time, or you can remove the rear upright banner, for access all around the pond. This would allow up to 10 players at one time.

The pond game best suits kids aged 4 to 11 years.

An option is to use the pond with our cute ducks. Create a game by using some of our ducks with ready made stars printed on the underside.  Pick a duck, try your luck! A star wins a prize! Or tape a number on the ducklings undersides - highest number wins! These ducks float up-right! (no flipping over.)

To keep all tots happy, an event can be set for every child to win a small prize......just stick a star (supplied) under every duck. Great for fund-raisers with a crowd.

To SEE the ducks, and play, the children need to be tall enough (at least 86cm) to see over the edge of the pool, being 64 cm high.

Remember, supervison at all times!

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