Fish and Duck Pond

See our fab new BIG fish pond here!

$34 for ducks or $40 for fishing
$53 for all 3, incl. frogs

Suits ages approx 3 - 5 years old.

Adult supervision at all times!

Fish have magnets on the mouth, and the extendable rod has a magnet to 'catch a fish'.

Or play with cute ducks. Creat a game by taping a number under the duck. Pick a duck, highest number wins! Or put a 'star' under just a few ducks, pick a star duck, win a star prize! These ducks float up-right! (no flipping over.)

We now have REAL kid's fishing rods! Cut down shorter, magnetized, line reduced to a maximum length of metre or so, and rubber knobs glued on the end, to protect eyes of players.

Or play with wind-up frogs that swim! Great fun! To creat a game, write a number on the frog's back, with each child claiming a frog to race. Wind up, get ready, go!

Choose all 3 sets of water toys, pay $47