Cake in the Face game

What a laugh! Throw a pie in the face of the school teacher, footy coach, grand-dad or any chum!          GREAT FOR FUND RAISERS!

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The folding cake board sits on a trestle or table, with a washable chair behind it.
A disposable plastic cover is attached to the rear, and drapes over the person and chair . 
This keeps the target's body clean.
Rental cost includes 50 x 18cm paper plates, water bucket, folding trestle with table cover.
cake face rear.JPG
If indoors, place it in front of a bare wall, with a cleanable floor. (You may need a mop).
With a designated 'play and throw' point, a player is given a 'cake or pie' on a paper plate to throw right in the face! Mischeivous behavior that is permitted and enjoyed, which is great for fund-raisers!
2 custom sand bags are included, which attach at the rear to stabilise the stand on windy days.
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You could even tantalise the players by giving them a plastic spoon with each pie, where they are permitted to take a nice big 'bite' to enjoy before they take aim!
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cake face pie 3.JPG
Now for the bonus!
What do you need to do?
Just buy a 4 litre tub of yoghurt from Aldi for about $7, a few cans of instant whip spray cream -
about $4 at Aldi - and some choc and/or strawberry topping with a few sprinkles.
That's a basic 'pie'.
A basic cake/pie should cost less than 40 cents.

(Yoghurt is cheaper than spray cream, so you can use mainly yoghurt, with the cream to bulk it up on top. Custard can also be used - thicker the better. Or even some slightly sloppy cheap ice-cream.) 
To bulk it up more, you can push a few small chunks of cheap cake into the creamy pie to give it a more yummy and eye-catching pie.
(Packet cake for 81c at Aldi, or buy the slab cake at Woollies for $4.)
2 or 3 packs of jelly can make for a bit of colour on top of the pies...getting quite mouth-watering!
Just have some ready made plates lined up, ready to hand out - they are very fast to make up as you go.

Before you have Cake Face entertainment, you can turn this into a TATTOO BOARD!
tattoo display.JPG
The fun starts with the kids having a temporary tattoo applied!
Our Tattoo board attaches to the Cake Face board, where you tape a sample of 8 tattoos onto it, for kids' selection. From fairies and butterfies, to dragons and snakes, and flowers to birds, all age groups can have a choice.
Just buy some tattoos from us with the rental, about 25-35 cents each (or deluxe tatts for 60-75c each.)
See some 35-45c tattoo examples here, for young teens and tweens, or adults.
tattoo examples 2.JPG
tattoo examples 3.JPG
See more info re Tattoo Stand in it's page: click here
Tattoo Stand