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Kid's love a bit of scary, a bit of 'grotty', and a lot of fun! The 'ghost train' was a huge attraction for us kids at carnivals in the old days, so we thought - "Why not a boogie man!

This is a 'lucky dip' with a gooey difference! Small prizes are in the 'bag of slime' attached at the rear, which have to be pulled out of his nostril! Both nostrils can be used for big parties, perhaps one for boys, one for girls.

boogie man 2 smaller.JPG

Similar to the 'gooey louey'boxed game that's seen in toy stores, our Boogie Man is a great idea for Halloween too.


Not including prizes. See our big range of fun little prizes from 90c.

(Heaps are not pictured yet on the prize pages.) Slime is included.

If not too scary for you, we can add some ugly hair on top.


Best suited to kids aged about 4 to 10 years.

If you're after more scary stuff, see our Monster Dentist Game, as well as Horror Hits, Monster Bash, or Downa Clown (to choose the creepy clown option.)