Boat Race Game Rental

The Boat Race comes with a trestle table, artificial grass, and 2 large water pistols, 2 buckets, 2 boats.


The sail boats are hand made, and are also available with optional change-over sails with a pirate or duck on them, for kids.

The 2 water channels are loose for easy transport, and the grass rolls up.



Length is 210 cm each.

Two players compete to propel their boat to the finish line, using the large water pistols from behind. The winner could enter into 'the play off' with other winners at the end.

Or, 2 relay teams can play, back and forth until the last team player ends the race to the finish line. Great fun for young and old.

You can have 4 players at once, with shorter race time, by putting the bridging stabiliser piece in the middle of the channels (see it at the ends). Add 2 more boats, water pistols and buckets, for $8 extra, for a 4 player game.


This can also be used for young children to play with our non-tipping floating ducks.