Easel Target Game rental
With 3 Targets, you receive 3 suction dart crossbows.
For $13 extra, 3 small trestles are included, or one very large folding trestle, plus table covers.
Test your skill. Have you got a steady hand, and a sharp eye?
Each Target Easel game comes with a high quality toy crossbow, with soft suction tipped darts. 3 darts come with each crossbow. Extra are available.
You decide the rules of play, but a suggestion is to allow a player to have 3 shots at a time. If any shots are successful, they could win a small prize.
Perhaps a mini prize for 1 win, another prize for 2 wins, and a better prize for 3 wins.
Or, no prizes, just the fun of playing, and maybe the thrill of being a winner.
Using 3 targets is good for a big crowd, allowing 3 players at one time, side by side.
This old-fashioned carnival style game suits ages from 13 years to adults.
It requires a bit of focus and understanding about how to successfully make a hit.
The suction dart must hit the target flat - perpendicular to the target - or it wont stick.
No stick, no win is usually the rule.
With a slight angle of the crossbow direction - because the target is leaning back slightly - a perpendicular contact is made.
So there are 2 things to keep in mind when lining up the sights. Great fun!
Of course, it's best to have a wall behind the Target games ie no passers-by. This stops any way-ward darts from going astray.
We have a large 3 panel folding PVC screen for such purposes, to sit behind the game.
For windy days, the screen has sandbags for extra stability, as well as a bag to secure the easels in such conditions.
Note that more battery operated lights will be added to the easels right away.
You can also attach a number, or star or dot etc, onto a 'pie wedge' section, (or in the centre) to mark as the 'big win' section.
See how you can mix and match the coloured easels with the targets.
The mini easels can also be used for display - a sign, a small prize b oard, a score board etc.

We're in Rosebud, the place to be for sun and fun.

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