Ball Pit rental
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Work in progress - ready very soon!

These walls are not yet finished - but to show another fun scene for the ball pit.

Wow! A ball pit where the balls stay in!!

Finished photos coming very soon.

Fully enclosed ball pit with a latched gate. The gateway has a stretchy net to stop balls tumbling out. Using more or less balls means that kids of any age can romp and swim in the balls. Good exercise for kids who have limited daily activity, while being safe and tidy.

Measuring 1.3 m high x 1.5 m wide, the Ball Pit's covered banner area is 90cm high. So no shallow boring ball pits here! Our Ball Pit has a typical supply of balls to suit a depth of approx. 50 cm. This best suits kids aged about 3-9 years old. For tots aged about 3 years, we supply balls for a depth of about 35 cm.

The Ball Pit is the perfect toddler party hire. It has a water-resistant floor, which is a simple sheet that attaches to the frame.  (If someone should LIFT the frame, the balls won't fall out!)

Our bespoke Ball Pit is easy to assemble, with most of the frame being already connected and glued. Our special design is surprisingly strong, while being fast and easy to set up. No tools, bolts, nothing is needed to set it up! It takes about 10 mins to assemble.

It all fits into a standard car, but the balls are another story! They take some room for transport. We loan a trailer if required, for when customers choose to pick up our rentals.


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PS. The banner walls make for good photo backdrops!