Mini Snow Cone Shop

for age 5 - 8 years, with supervision. (space too small for bigger kids.)



One child serves Snow Cones to friends, scooping it into the cups.

The machine has very safe design & operation; if preferred an adult can 'make' the snow before the shop 'opens', and switch off.

These photos are temporary! They were not intended for public advertising. We were testing the idea, taking pics as a guide.

Much nicer photos will soon come, but meanwhile, you at least get the idea.

Of course the shop's sign will be better, a little seat will be added.

Snow Cone ingredients are supplied, and a small esky for the ice,

if needed. (Once done, the house could also be used for the "House of Balls" for some fun activity. See details.)


The house (shop) comes party assembled, in a carry bag.