Dunk Tank Water Game Rental

What a blast! With a full tank of water, the 'dumpee' sits on the plank, waiting for the mischievous player to hit the target with the ball. A successful hit drops the victim into the water!

An old fashioned carnival game from many decades ago, the Dunk Tank is fun to play and great fun to watch!

You can see the dumped victim with the see-through panel!

Imagine the laughs if you dunk the school teacher, boss, work collegue, parent or friend!

Great for fund-raising, with each player paying for the chance to dunk a nervous victim!

Call us to chat about your particular needs, whether for a couple of hours or overnight.

Delivery and Operator is available.

Dunk Tank must be supervised at ALL times by an adult, or preferably two adults. This is the key to keeping things safe. 

Dunk Tank is not suitable for small children.

A staked sign comes with the Dunk Tank. (The price words are removable.)