Fresh delicious cakes made to order for your party, event or celebration. No factory cake mixes, just old-fashioned home recipes with real ingredients and real taste. Special orders for cakes such as wholemeal, dairy free, egg free, gluten free, vegan, sugar controlled can be made for you.Dessert cakes can be ordered too. For adults, you can order special recipes, like choc liqueur cake, covered in mocha buttercream, decorated with chopped roasted walnuts. Or perhaps black forest cupcakes with cherry frosting, or lemon curd layered get the picture. For kids and teenagers, you may like a bit of a theme eg. Circus, Pirates, Kitty, Dinosaurs, Princess, Farm Yard, Guitar, Zebra stripes, Christening/Religion, Baby Shower cuties, Romance, Sport, Retro etc etc

.Let us help make your occasion a memorable and delightful one for someone special, with a delicious sweet treat. With yummy flavours like chocolate, orange, lemon, strawberry, banana, carrot, cherry, sponge cake, liqueur cake, chiffon cake, fudge cake etc, you're sure to enjoy our fresh decorated cakes anytime. After all, you can never be sad when you're eating cake!!

We're in Rosebud, the place to be for sun and fun.

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